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“I can’t believe that Lansing politicians don’t feel the same urgency to fix our roads that we do here in the 21st District! I’ve needed to replace a busted tire and get a car alignment after hitting a bad Michigan pothole--and I’m still driving around with a cracked windshield because of the deplorable condition of our roads. I’ve got a plan to finally fix our roads by making the wealthy pay their fair share and ensuring that Southeast Michigan gets a fair return on our tax dollars!” - Ethan 

  • Reform the road funding formula so that road funding is allocated based on roads with the most traffic that are in most dire condition instead of the current model which siphons our money to other areas of the state with less traveled roads. 


  • Raise $2.5 billion in additional revenue with a graduated income tax which would make the wealthy pay their fair share while 92% of Michiganders will get a tax cut or have their taxes stay the same.


  • Lower weight limits on trucks so that companies that are doing the most damage to our roads help pay to maintain and repair them. 


  • Raise standards for material and inspection so we spend our tax dollars wisely and have roads that are built to last. 


  • Reinstate Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law to ensure our infrastructure is built by well-trained, skilled workers that are paid fairly. 

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