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“We should be able to trust that our elected leaders are fighting for us, not wealthy special interests and certainly not themselves. Michigan ranks dead last in government accountability and transparency--and in the State Legislature, I’ll take steps to fix that!” - Ethan


  • Reform Michigan’s Campaign Finance Laws to ensure that those influencing our elections are fully disclosed and the wealthy and well-connected can’t continue to have undue influence on our elections. 


  • Expand the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to include the Governor and the Legislature so Michiganders can know what their elected officials are doing. It’s unacceptable that any elected official is exempt from this basic transparency requirement! 

  • Enact Lobbying Reform that includes a “cooling off” period before former state lawmakers can become lobbyists, improve disclosure requirements, and ban gifts to lawmakers. 

  • Expand the Open Meetings Act to require that every public meeting of governmental agencies have a video recording, meeting packets, agendas, and minutes available online in a timely manner so all Michiganders can easily find out what their government is doing. 

  • Require Personal Financial Disclosure from political appointees and candidates running for office including a release of tax returns and reporting on potential conflicts of interest.

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