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“I was raised in a 900 square foot house with parents who worked full time while going to school at night to provide for our family. Despite their tireless work, we lived paycheck to paycheck. As State Representative, I’ll work tirelessly to level the playing field and build an economy that works for working families, not just the wealthy and well-connected.” - Ethan

  • A fair tax system that makes millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share and lower taxes for hardworking people trying to get by through expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, expanding the Child Deduction Tax Credit, and implementing a graduated income tax.

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work for women because without changes to law, the gender wage gap in Michigan isn’t projected to close until 2084--that is simply unacceptable. We can pass commonsense legislation to close the wage gap by prohibiting employers from inquiring about an applicants' pay history, penalizing companies that pay different wages to similarly situated men and women, prohibit employers from penalizing employees who discuss wage information, and require employers provide generic wage information for similarly situated employees.  Learn more about how I will work toward dignity and respect for women by clicking here! 

  • Raise the Minimum Wage to a living wage of $15 per hour. 

  • Protect Michigan jobs by ending tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs out of Michigan and enact strong clawback protections to hold companies accountable when they don't deliver on creating the jobs they promised. 

  • Restore unemployment benefits to 26 weeks and increase the unemployment benefit which is lower than many states. 

  • Enact Paid Sick, Family, Maternity, and Paternity Leave to make sure that no Michigander has to choose between caring for a loved one, getting well, or welcoming a new child and paying the bills. 

  • Universal Childcare to allow parents the ability to work and ensure their children are well cared for. 

  • Fair Scheduling Laws for hourly workers because all workers deserve the dignity of having some predictability in their schedules so they can plan appointments, care for their loved ones, and have more freedom over their own lives. 

  • Better education and skills training including debt-free higher education and more pathways into the skilled trades.  

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