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“Our community shouldn’t be a dumping ground for radioactive waste and our water shouldn’t be contaminated with PFAS. I’ll fight to ensure polluters aren’t writing the rules at the expense of our

health and safety.” - Ethan

  • End the dumping of radioactive waste in our community. For years, radioactive fracking waste from out-of-state and Canada which was turned away by other states has been shipped up to the landfill here in Van Buren Township. Our community shouldn’t be a dumping ground for toxic radioactive fracking waste from other areas! 

  • Protect our water by addressing PFAS contamination which has impacted Belleville Lake and strengthening drinking water standards.

  • Require polluters to clean up their messes by enacting “polluter pay” laws which compel the polluter--not taxpayers--to pay for clean up efforts. 

  • Keep polluters away from writing environmental rules. Right now, corporate polluters that contaminate our water have the ability--through a special board established in 2018-- to override or change rules set by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. I will fight back against polluters who want to expand their profits at the expense of the rest of us. 

  • Invest in clean, renewable energy to reduce our carbon footprint and create thousands of good-paying union jobs in the process. 

  • Expand recycling services by passing legislation that expands our state bottle return to all drinks including juice and water. 

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