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“Like so many people in our community, my family has been touched by the high costs of lifesaving care and prescription drugs. My belief that everyone should have the freedom to see a doctor when they get sick and be able to afford lifesaving drugs and health care is personal--not political.” - Ethan


  • Secure the freedom to see a doctor when you get sick by protecting and expanding Healthy Michigan and supporting legislation that covers every Michigander with healthcare. 

  • Lower prescription drug costs by cracking down on predatory drug companies that unnecessarily increase cost with tough penalties for price gouging and requirements that these companies justify price increases. 

  • Capping co-pays for common drugs like insulin and epi-pens. 

  • Repealing the Drug Immunity Law that makes Michigan the only state in the nation where pharmaceutical companies are immune from prosecution if their drugs hurt consumers. 

  • Protect Michgianders from Washington Republicans sabotaging our healthcare by codifying protections for pre-existing conditions into state law. 

  • Find real solutions to addiction and substance abuse like the opioid epidemic that saves lives and gives people the chance to get better and become contributing members of society again instead of putting them in the criminal justice system. 

  • Increase funding for mental health care services which has been severely underfunded since the 1990's. This includes supporting priorities laid out in Governor Whitmer’s budget proposal like access to in-home nursing and counseling services for 1,000 more families, access to postpartum care for new moms from 60 days to one full year that includes screening for depression and substance abuse disorder, and increases to psychiatric care staffing. 

  • Put patients first by passing a bipartisan plan that would require safe nurse-to-patient staffing ratios, limit forced overtime, and require hospitals to release data about their staffing ratios.

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